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3 years 7 months ago by damagefilter

Is this thing on?
So here I am again. Today, I would like to introduce you to my "Project-30" which is not my 30st project but a thing where the deadline is the day I turn 30.
Which is about 3.5 years from now on.
I'm working on this mostly on my own. I had enough of large teams as you might imagine.
So that is realistic, no?
I did not make a game page for it yet for there is really not so much to show off so far as I've been busy working on the "core systems" to get the game running.
I want to talk about this progress but not today.
Today I'll simply want to introduce you to the game and where I'm heading with it.
Here's a picture of the earliest prototype (which I posted here)

Firewalker Stuff

Today, Firewalker looks significantly different. For once I dropped the 3D aspect and went with 2D 16-bit optics. It's also not a sidescroller anymore but top-down. There is not much representative material yet but here's an old part of a screengrab from my testpark map.

Firewalker v3 Devshot

This decision came mostly from me wanting to do something retro-looking, yet a bit modern. I also knew that I have a serious lack of resources when it comes to 3D. I'm not exactly a bad-ass 3D artist.

So what is Firewalker all about?

It is a mixture of diablo-esque hack & slay gameplay and Zelda-style RPG puzzle solving, dungeons and questing. There will be a lot of bloody pixels and dark humour while the story evolves to its bitter bitter end.

That's where I want to take it but that is not everything.

My personal favourite feature is the day and night cycle. It's a very organic thing.
For instance, certain enemies will only spawn at night. Certain shops may also only be open the hour after midnight. Also traveling around the world in the dark is much more dangerous.
I think there's a lot of dynamic gameplay to gain from this.

So that is that.
During further development I'll provide builds up until a certain stage for everybody to try out if they so want.

That's that.
Thanks for reading, folks.
So long!