In "Shroud of Darkness" you play through the five stages of grief, puzzling your way into the light. Find your way through the darkness and utilize your hookshot and a flashlight to go from one stage to the next.

Hook your way through the dungeon of darkness, crush your enemies by pulling deadly spike plates with your hookshot towards them.
Move objects around by pulling them towards you to open new doorways.
Utilize your flashlight to solve puzzles and finally find out who you are.

Use WASD for movement, LMB for your hookshot, RMB to drop or pick up your flashlight. Use E to interact with terminals and buttons. Text is skippable with ESC, SPACEBAR or LMB.

Made by damagefilter, DoorKnobHandle and Miez.

This is an entry in the #meatlyjam 16 and was made during 72 hours using Unity3D and the PlayBlack CSP library which is an open source library available here: